01 May, 2010


It has been a ridiculously busy 2 weeks since coming back from Easter/half-term and I am so thankful for my weekends! This weekend I am hoping to be able to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and badger him into watching Kenneth Branagh & Robert De Niro in Frankenstein with me.

I hope this week's posts were okay? I did struggle with posting this week because I had such a limited time in which to do them and I love the researching process before formulating the post itself. When I was on holiday I used to spend a good 2 hours on my laptop just browsing, investigating and doing some serious clicking action! I think I found some good things particularly toward the end of the week, when the pressure had eased off a bit and I expressly thank you for the positive feedback through your comments =^__^=

Have A Great Weekend! x

Things that have caught my eye this week...


Diana Mieczan said...

Your posts are great! I am a fan...Have a great weekend and relax:)

Christina said...

Ooh I love the first picture...can't wait for summer, I love sitting out on the grass in the sun reading.

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