30 April, 2010

Friday Shopping List

A mixture of things today... On Twitter I noticed I had a new follow from BoConceptUK. I checked out their website and I got that excited feeling again. The feeling when you find something good and you just can't wait to explore it! I was so glad that they brought forward their products to me because 1) I had not heard of them and 2) They have just opened a store not that far away from the university I am planning to go to. WIN. Sites like this make me so excited at the thought that one day - I will be able to have free reign on the design of a home that will be mine.

Wall mounted units are a big trend for 2010 and are of course a fantastic storage option when you want that clean and clear looking floor space - adding some spotlights underneath should give it a look of floating.

I love this white coffee table and this was the first product my eyes literally fell on and it is what compelled me to earch through the rest of products!

 I think what is so good about this particular desk is that the L shape is perfect for putting your things according to convinience,with great storage space beneath.

The other thing is that the name Polyvore is now prodding at my curiosity. I had to have a nose around of course! Here is but a snippet of what I found (and that was just the homepage!):

I can totally see why people are reblogging items from here, what great clothes and compilations! =^__^=

{Lush Links:}
Polyvore - Outfit 1
Polyvore - Outfit 2


keiona4ever said...

I love contemporary designs, simple yet elegant and modern.

CC said...

The bed is fab! I have this weird obsession with beds. Yeah, odd, right?
Anyway, toning down the creepy for a bit, the first dress in the set is fab! :)

Ink and Belle said...

@CC I love beds too! And desks... 2 of the first things I think about when I imagine my own home. The first set is my favourite ^___^ x