14 April, 2010

Wednesday Shopping List

After getting dressed up last night, I am feeling for some casual clothes this Wednesday. Loose ftting bottoms and pretty shirts and maybe a light jacket to finish things off. No accessories on lazy days, that's just too much effort! In other news, my shoulder is freaking killing me! I think I slept awkwardly. Also, has anyone ever been to Dizzy's Diner? I loved it. How about you? x

Denim seems to have worked its way back onto the scene... it's so 90's but I still like it.

{Credit Where It's Due:}
Mod Cloth
Dizzy's Diner


Fashion Tidbits said...

you know i'm totally nodding about the denim jacket. i just posted about it! :) get it! lol

Ink and Belle said...

I think I really need to get myself a new denim jacket! :)

ceo said...

I love the denim jacket also.....