16 April, 2010

Friday Shopping List

This Friday I wanted to share with you something more interiror design related, as I haven't done something on that topic for a while now. So today I am going to share with you a room I saw in an advertisement for Poliform's Arca bed that I instantly fell in love with. The whole space makes me think of Paris for some reason, perhaps it's the lovely long bay windows? I also get the impression that it is 1 part of an apartment, which then leads me to imagine what the building must look like :)



ceo said...

Beautiful.... I love that bed.. Can I go back to bed... please.. I am all of all of the knotting trend this season.

Beautiful post...


Jules said...

gorgeous post! so romantic and whimsy. the first pair of shoes are to die for! have a great weekend! xo - julie

The Red Umbrella said...

Yes- very romantic!