29 April, 2010

Thursday Shopping List

I had a family member who lives in America who asked, upon reading my blog, if I could blog about some American shops. She sent me a couple of links to check out and I really liked what I saw! I have always wanted to go to America, especially to places such as New York - so that I can shop! So following on from having my own boutique, I would like to share with you some clothes that I would like to sell. They're not of my design but when I saw them on my newly found American bound online shopping experience, I saw some choice items that I wouldn't mind sharing with everyne else in the UK too :)



And lastly, I saw on Fashion Train yesterday, Becca's post on Pixie Lott's new clothing range for Lipsy London. I don't normally buy clothes from Lipsy because they are quite expensive but that doesn't stop me dreaming! The fashion in there is just fabulous, whenever I pass my local one I always stop and admire.

{Pixie Lott for Lipsy London}

{Other Lipsy London Items}

I am in LOVE with these items from Lipsy! They're just so feminine, cute and have that boutique, doll-like quality to them, which is exactly what I am looking for <3

{Lovely Links:}


Marie said...

Lovely picks, as always.:D

Those skirts are so cute and dainty, I want them all!:D

Happy Thursday!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Amy @ Varnish said...

I really love the top left shirt- super pretty!

keiona4ever said...

aw those skirts are super cute... I want one lol..

Annie said...

Lipsy London is amazing! *_* I love your picks! i wish i could own everyone of those clothes haha

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Quite adorable. I will pass along to my nieces and I know she will enjoy. Thank you for your comments and hope you will visit again. Have the best weekend.....maybe wearing a Lipsy?

Ink and Belle said...

Thank you all for your postitive comments!

@Annie - I know exactly how you feel! It makes me heartache sometimes.

@A Gift Wrapped Lif - I wish I could spend my weekend rocking all the Lipsy wear but I can't afford anything from thre right now haha, my student funds ar cruel to me - I will need to do some serious saving ;)

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Diana Mieczan said...

Beautiful skirts. I am in love with light pink this season!
Thanks for your wonderful comment and have a great Friday!

Trish said...

Hey beautiful, love your picks from Forever 21, I am sure you would look like a little doll in any of them! I have never had much luck @ Bebe, but that's just me, a lot of girls love it!

Those Lipsy London skirts are just too flirty and fun, I love them!

Happy weekend to you!

Valerie said...

Awesome picks, I love those white belted shorts from Forever 21! I've never read the Notebook, but I want to! Maybe that will be next on my list. Have a wonderful weekend.