30 January, 2010

My January Picks

I can't believe January is over already! It only seems like yesterday it was Christmas/2009 and the day before that.... back at college again.

Anyway, I was browing through Modern Chic Home and I came across this gorgeous set of mirrors that I can only dream of owning at the moment.

Paris Salon Gold Leaf Mirrors

Speaking of Paris...
I hope that I will be able to go to Paris this year. A holiday is long awaited I think!

29 January, 2010


So this weekend is all about Wrapping up warm and crochet.

It's been rainy and cold here in the UK this week, but I did not let that dampen my spirits. This weekend, I will be improving my crochet techniques and dreaming of warmer climates ^_^

Happy weekend! x

26 January, 2010

Picasso Tragedy

A clumsy woman has managed to 'trip and stumble' onto Picasso's painting 'The Actor', creating about a 6 inch, vertical tear in the lower right hand corner of the painting.

'The Met said the tear did not affect "the focal point of the composition".'

How the hell did this woman manage it?!
Things like this make me annoyed because there is just no reason, at all, for it to happen in the first place.
I wonder if she has to pay for damages.... hope so.

Source: Yahoo/Sky news

18 January, 2010

The January Viral Video

This video is old news now, but it never fails to make me smile and melt my heart.
I want one! ^_^

Pathetically cute... will he ever get up?
(unfortunately yes, there is a sequal lol)

17 January, 2010

Picture Perfect Frames

Picture frames make fantastic decoration around the home as they add style and personality, taking you to a trip down memory lane with your photos whilst intriguing visitors (photos make good conversation starters).

Picture frames, I believe, need to suit the mood of the photo(s) you plan to put in them; for instance, a block bright red photo frame would not entirely suit a black and white mellow picture, it would contrast too much the emotion of the photo.

Playing with colour is fun and creative, but smetimes it may be appropriate to keep it toned down. I find that a black frame will go with anything, and so the frame can be used anywhere around the house should you feel to reshuffle your decor :)

These are my favourite style for photo frames because they are so pretty and decorative.

Sometimes it is nice to have a modern touch to your snaps...

This ultra modern frame (above) is available at John Lewis for around £25.00

16 January, 2010

Fashion Flash: Emma Watson

Emma Watson. Long standing Harry Potter Starlet. Up and coming fashion symbol.It is indisputable that Miss Watson is a woman of many talents and she shows no signs of ever becoming out of style. Alongside her 10 year acting career, primarily as the infamous Hermione Granger and other characters outside of the Harry Potter saga, Emma is also pursuing a personal ambition of completing her studies at University, in America.

Melting Down London

When I saw the rain early thursday morning, I could not have been happier! I enjoyed our 'Big Freeze' as it was called, because snow is always fun... in the beginning. I never expected the snow to stay for so long because England's weather is so erratic, but it over-stayed its welcome this year and it caused much disruption, injuries and even death. London came to a complete stand still.

It seems at the moment that the snow has left us, here in sunny ol' England (lol) and I am hoping against hope that it stays that way because inconvinient weather during exams is a b*tch! (Even though I only have 1 left). My college was closed a couple of times, much to my dismay as I missed out valuable lessons time which I really needed; but what puzles me is why we were all so low on grit? It was warned beforehand that such weather was approaching and yet, as a country, we still suffered.

What's more, is that some unfortunate families are now grieving due to a lack of proper gritting the pavements and roads as people have slipped and slided on the ice and have died in horrible accidents. I ask again, why was London so poorly prepared?!

I am so frustrated by London as a whole right now, not just with the grit issue but with transport too, it is abysmal and it affects me directy! An hour I waited for one stupid bus, an hour! Gr.
End moan.

So for now, London has melted and life resumes. Has anyone else encountered such weather issues since the beginning of 2010? I am interested to know what other countries have experienced :)

Image sources: Google Images

10 January, 2010

Burberry 2010 S/S Campaign

Burberry has drastically changed their image (for the better in my opinion) since using Emma Watson in their Ad Campaigns.

The new Spring/Summer line for 2010 is no exception. I am absolutely lovng these jackets, they are so chic!

And here is the infamous 'missing leg' shot, haha

02 January, 2010

The Colour Issue

Here are some wonderful examples of the use of colour in the home.
It is something I hope to do myself in the future because I love colour, it's so fantastic and fun to play with.