30 March, 2010

Cosmic Blossom

Just had a good look at Louis Vuitton's new Cosmic Blossom range, featuring the oh so wonderful Daisy-Lowe.
It has some really beautiful colours! Which makes a refreshing change from the normal cocoa coloured scheme (not that I'm complaining of course)

This rage is a 'new collaboration with Takashi Murakami'.

I love this scarf in the above picture!
Takashi Murakami has taken an iconic pattern and reworked with Japanese pictoral motifs.
 Sourced from Style Rumour.com

29 March, 2010

De La Romance

Romance, Coffee, Lingerie & Strawberries.

A Little Self Indulgence

I feel like buying new clothes! I have had my eye on a bodycon skirt for a long time but I just never plucked up the courage to go and get one and when I had finally decided to at least look... couldn't find a decent one small enough to fit me. Typical.

And yet, the internet brings me hope :)
I found a nice bodycon for only £12 from Miss Selfridge: affordable, black and tight.
Now all I have to do is pray that my local Miss Selfridge has some left.

28 March, 2010

Disney's Mean Girls

Ahaha, I have just been catching up on MsTaken's blog and I found this hilarious video posted there! This is my March viral.
Disney princess' dubbed Mean Girls ^___^


I decided to give the infamous Twitter a go today.
I'm still not sure what to actually do with my Twitter account... I mean -  what the hell do I tweet about? I know, 'anything' as any self respecting tweeter would probably say. It's the same with blogging, you can blog about anything you please but I think Twitter is slightly different; I'm seeing it like all you do make status', similar to that on Facebook.

But I'm not knocking it until I have tried it. Properly.
So, who here has Twitter?
I would like to follow some people and see what you do with twitter :)

27 March, 2010


This week, I have really felt the freshness of spring burst through in the soft raindrops and it is making me crave the days when I could sit by an open window and daydream endlessly...

Happy Weekned! :)

26 March, 2010

Coffee Breaks

Mmm, I love c o f f e e! How about you?
I've been thinking about getting some coffee stencils... sitting down on a Sunday with a good book and a frothy cup of coffee with stenciled toppings staring up at me ^_____^

Or possibly even just a creamy topped coffee...

Perhaps some cupcakes too...

25 March, 2010

March Inspirations

Ok so, I admit that I haven't been keeping entirely up to date with other people's blog posts as well as my own and tonight was the perfect night for catching up. Why? Because for some unknown reason, as it always goes with me, I am particularly inspired tonight. Which is strange seeing as I am being so so lazy with my essays at the moment (eep!).

I seem to be in the mood for fashion fantasies at the moment and so I headed on down to altamira's models off duty blog and I was, of course, instantly satisfied!What I love about the clothes photographed is that I can see myself in them too, I don't feel like styles like that are out of my reach; in fact, most of them don't look as if they have come straight off the cat walk, they feel just like the high street fashion that I am so accustomed to (lol)
I have boots from Wallis quite similar to these! What I would love from this outfit are the out garments, I have so many black coats, a nice chic, pale grey one would brighten me up :)

This style is so popular in the UK right now and the boyfried blazer has been around for a while now - it never tires out for me: casual  and smart.

Then there are just those fanatasy outfits, which a girl can probably only dream of owning let own pull off on the streets of her local town!

Images sourced from Altamira: Models Off Duty.com

21 March, 2010

The Pregnancy Pact

It's old news already, probably more so for America than it is in the UK - but I have just discovered that a film was made based on the true story of a group of young girls in the USA, Gloucester (Mass.) all getting pregnant around the same with a supposed 'Pregnancy Pact'.

I do remember seeing a programme on TV quite a while ago about this and as I recall, and it was the same in the movie, no pact was ever really confirmed to have been made. But Oh My Life if there ever really was - why? As was said in the film by the high school secretary: did it give them a sense of purpose to be pregnant? If that is the case, then there is a serious issue other than teenage pregnanay that needs to be looked at! No-one, not even young boys should be made to feel that the only option to feel a purpose in life is to grow up so fast and start a family and such; especially at 15.

Going through an identity crisis during adolescence is not somethig alien to everyone, and having a poor self-concept is common at this life stage too; but is it conclusive to say that this is perhaps a valid explanation as to why they could have such a pact - assuming that there was a pact of course. I am not entirely clear on all the nitty gritty details of their society, only that it is a Catholic society. Is the Catholic traditions of 'no contraception' holding them back from being properly educated about sex? I disagree with the point of view that providing condoms for the teenagers at school should they want them, is encouraging them to have sex. I believe that that is the wrong way of looking at things! I think it important to educate young people on the effects of having sex, the implications it may have on your life if one does not take it seriously. Yes, having sex can lead to pregnancy. Yes, having sex can lead to STIs. And Yes, failing to acknowldge these things will lead to problems to those who choose to remain... ignorant to it, so to speak.

In a town that sought to make sure that young people knew the importance of absitnence, they failed to get their teengaers to take notice of that message! Perhaps if they had put across the message of what can happen to those who do not wait and do not take care when having sex, maybe, just maybe, these girls will have sought other ways, or other things to identify themselves with; things other than motherhood at 15/16.

Watch the film in good quality here: The Pregnancy Pact (Movie)

05 March, 2010

Sheffield Hallam vs. Roehampton

I never thought that deciding which University I want to go to would be so difficult...
But it is, unfortunately.
It has now gotton to the point where my mind is just slowly switiching to the 'I can't be arshed' mode.
Not good.

College is doing my head in!!

I thought that once I visited both Uni's it would be clear to me, and for a while it was. But on my train journey home from Sheffield Hallam, I thought things over properly and was back to square one.
Cue hair pulling.

On the one hand: Roehampton University was my initial firm first choice and for a long while my heart was completely set on going there. It has my perfect course combination and it's not too far from home or Central London. But - the atmosphere does not even compare to Sheffield Hallam.

On the other hand... Sheffield Hallam is a fantastic University and it is well equipped and so beautiful. The people and atmosphere are amazing and student accomodation is cheap but not nasty. However, the course combination and any other combinations available are not really what I am looking for in comparison to Roehampton.

Now, a lot of people would say that I would most likely regret going to one University if the course I would be doing is not right for me; and quite right, it would be so pointless and irresponsible. But University is also about living, and I don't think I would have that kind of opportunity at Roehampton as I would at Sheffield Hallam.

There is just one more, very small, argument against going to Sheffield Hallam. I would be able to live with this point but it's there nonetheless... it's a very long way from home. I am pretty sure I would cope, but living so far from home comforts is still a bit scary.

So which do I choose?
Roehampton: Course, C. London Location
Sheffield Hallam: Morale, Life

Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building.

Roehampton University (London), Southlands College Student Accomdation

I am appying to study Journalism with a combination of either Photography/English Language and Communication/Public Relations