05 March, 2010

Sheffield Hallam vs. Roehampton

I never thought that deciding which University I want to go to would be so difficult...
But it is, unfortunately.
It has now gotton to the point where my mind is just slowly switiching to the 'I can't be arshed' mode.
Not good.

College is doing my head in!!

I thought that once I visited both Uni's it would be clear to me, and for a while it was. But on my train journey home from Sheffield Hallam, I thought things over properly and was back to square one.
Cue hair pulling.

On the one hand: Roehampton University was my initial firm first choice and for a long while my heart was completely set on going there. It has my perfect course combination and it's not too far from home or Central London. But - the atmosphere does not even compare to Sheffield Hallam.

On the other hand... Sheffield Hallam is a fantastic University and it is well equipped and so beautiful. The people and atmosphere are amazing and student accomodation is cheap but not nasty. However, the course combination and any other combinations available are not really what I am looking for in comparison to Roehampton.

Now, a lot of people would say that I would most likely regret going to one University if the course I would be doing is not right for me; and quite right, it would be so pointless and irresponsible. But University is also about living, and I don't think I would have that kind of opportunity at Roehampton as I would at Sheffield Hallam.

There is just one more, very small, argument against going to Sheffield Hallam. I would be able to live with this point but it's there nonetheless... it's a very long way from home. I am pretty sure I would cope, but living so far from home comforts is still a bit scary.

So which do I choose?
Roehampton: Course, C. London Location
Sheffield Hallam: Morale, Life

Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building.

Roehampton University (London), Southlands College Student Accomdation

I am appying to study Journalism with a combination of either Photography/English Language and Communication/Public Relations

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