08 February, 2010

Digital Desecration

Ode to procrastintion. Farewell to productiveness. Many nights for as long as I can remember - or for as long as I have had broadband anyway, I have subjugated myself to online gaming. I am not sad, I just get easily distracted... Anyhow, I thought I would share what games I play so that everyone else can fail at productiveness too, they are all of course Facebook applications lol :)

SuperPoke Pets!: I am 100%, totally and completely addicted to this game! As the title suggests, it is a game about caring for a virtual pet. A committment game is obvious here but the I find the most compelling feature is buying items from the shop (with SPP coins, some real money if you wish is available) and using it to decorate your habitat with. It becomes more addictive when you start making friends and join clubs.
Users can give and receive gifts and compliments and there is sometimes a 'Play 2 Stay' committment between some users. Also, users can earn badges with certain achievements such as 'Plushie Maniac' whereby a users has managed to obtain at least 500 plushies. The SPP team are always holding compettions in the forums with great prizes and sometimes featuring celebrities. Recently they have also released special items to help donate toward the Haiti disaster.

Restaurant City: Overall, I find it a good game. It is a committment game though, so it requires me to check back every few hours; so therefore I am on there everyday... Doesn't mean I don't have a life...

It is fun to create your own restaurant with themed items released regularly and level up the restaurant and the many dishes available. The Playfish team are constantly updating the game and adding new features as well as improving gameplay. More recent features include: being able to rate other players' restaurants and earning points offline as well as online.
Pet Society: Another Playfish game, and another addiction for me. The appeal is not, arguably, as great as Restaurant City's, but I play it everyday nonetheless! It is a committment game whereby the player has to care for a virtual pet. Unlike SPP, the pet is animated; it moves around, interacts with objects and other pets.

The PS shop is updated weekley and is themed. There are several ways users can earn coins: playing with friends as well as own pet, searching through trees, playing the racing game and entering competitions.

Progress in this game is slower than that of Restaurant City, but it is still fun.

Farmville: Well - everyone knows this game, irrespective of age and gender. I play it less now than I did a few months ago but I must admit that I had great fun playing it anyway and the reason I do not play it religiously now is not because I find it 'boring', but it is because I do not have the time for it now as I did before...

Users create and build up their own farm, expanding their crops and animal stock whilst earning points and levelling up as they do so. It is fun and addictive and it requires committment like the latter games. I like the fact that you don't have to come back instantly to harvest and you don't lose out on coins and points whilst offline.

Also, the Zynga team regularly update the 'Market' and release themed items. The game has its own coin system but cash items are available too.

The only bad things I have to say about Farmville is that it lags a lot and it gets me and I'm sure other players too, frustrated resulting in me giving up and not playing for a while. It is very time consuming to harvest and such if you don't have a harvester/tractor/seeder and it takes even longer if you want to redecorate. Furthermore, Farmville has caused many problems with Windows 7! I am not entirely sure if it is the case with other models, but there have been significant problems with HP PC and Windows 7 but I have not had any problems with my Acer laptop and Windows 7. However, Zynga did not ignore the complaint sent to them and did try to help to resolve it but it has not fully worked...

Let me know if you have had any of issues with above systems? Thanks.


ToxiMoxi said...

You should write for a home magazine or something lol

Ink and Belle said...

Lool, thanks... the purpose of this blog was to practice writing little articles and stuff because I have applied for jounalism courses at Uni :)

have you managed to make a 3 column layout successfully yet? xxx