21 March, 2010

The Pregnancy Pact

It's old news already, probably more so for America than it is in the UK - but I have just discovered that a film was made based on the true story of a group of young girls in the USA, Gloucester (Mass.) all getting pregnant around the same with a supposed 'Pregnancy Pact'.

I do remember seeing a programme on TV quite a while ago about this and as I recall, and it was the same in the movie, no pact was ever really confirmed to have been made. But Oh My Life if there ever really was - why? As was said in the film by the high school secretary: did it give them a sense of purpose to be pregnant? If that is the case, then there is a serious issue other than teenage pregnanay that needs to be looked at! No-one, not even young boys should be made to feel that the only option to feel a purpose in life is to grow up so fast and start a family and such; especially at 15.

Going through an identity crisis during adolescence is not somethig alien to everyone, and having a poor self-concept is common at this life stage too; but is it conclusive to say that this is perhaps a valid explanation as to why they could have such a pact - assuming that there was a pact of course. I am not entirely clear on all the nitty gritty details of their society, only that it is a Catholic society. Is the Catholic traditions of 'no contraception' holding them back from being properly educated about sex? I disagree with the point of view that providing condoms for the teenagers at school should they want them, is encouraging them to have sex. I believe that that is the wrong way of looking at things! I think it important to educate young people on the effects of having sex, the implications it may have on your life if one does not take it seriously. Yes, having sex can lead to pregnancy. Yes, having sex can lead to STIs. And Yes, failing to acknowldge these things will lead to problems to those who choose to remain... ignorant to it, so to speak.

In a town that sought to make sure that young people knew the importance of absitnence, they failed to get their teengaers to take notice of that message! Perhaps if they had put across the message of what can happen to those who do not wait and do not take care when having sex, maybe, just maybe, these girls will have sought other ways, or other things to identify themselves with; things other than motherhood at 15/16.

Watch the film in good quality here: The Pregnancy Pact (Movie)

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