25 March, 2010

March Inspirations

Ok so, I admit that I haven't been keeping entirely up to date with other people's blog posts as well as my own and tonight was the perfect night for catching up. Why? Because for some unknown reason, as it always goes with me, I am particularly inspired tonight. Which is strange seeing as I am being so so lazy with my essays at the moment (eep!).

I seem to be in the mood for fashion fantasies at the moment and so I headed on down to altamira's models off duty blog and I was, of course, instantly satisfied!What I love about the clothes photographed is that I can see myself in them too, I don't feel like styles like that are out of my reach; in fact, most of them don't look as if they have come straight off the cat walk, they feel just like the high street fashion that I am so accustomed to (lol)
I have boots from Wallis quite similar to these! What I would love from this outfit are the out garments, I have so many black coats, a nice chic, pale grey one would brighten me up :)

This style is so popular in the UK right now and the boyfried blazer has been around for a while now - it never tires out for me: casual  and smart.

Then there are just those fanatasy outfits, which a girl can probably only dream of owning let own pull off on the streets of her local town!

Images sourced from Altamira: Models Off Duty.com

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