16 January, 2010

Melting Down London

When I saw the rain early thursday morning, I could not have been happier! I enjoyed our 'Big Freeze' as it was called, because snow is always fun... in the beginning. I never expected the snow to stay for so long because England's weather is so erratic, but it over-stayed its welcome this year and it caused much disruption, injuries and even death. London came to a complete stand still.

It seems at the moment that the snow has left us, here in sunny ol' England (lol) and I am hoping against hope that it stays that way because inconvinient weather during exams is a b*tch! (Even though I only have 1 left). My college was closed a couple of times, much to my dismay as I missed out valuable lessons time which I really needed; but what puzles me is why we were all so low on grit? It was warned beforehand that such weather was approaching and yet, as a country, we still suffered.

What's more, is that some unfortunate families are now grieving due to a lack of proper gritting the pavements and roads as people have slipped and slided on the ice and have died in horrible accidents. I ask again, why was London so poorly prepared?!

I am so frustrated by London as a whole right now, not just with the grit issue but with transport too, it is abysmal and it affects me directy! An hour I waited for one stupid bus, an hour! Gr.
End moan.

So for now, London has melted and life resumes. Has anyone else encountered such weather issues since the beginning of 2010? I am interested to know what other countries have experienced :)

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