19 April, 2010

Monday Shopping List

Now that I am back in college (killmenow), that means I am back to wearing more formal wear (rules rules rules). I'm not much of a rule breaker but sometimes I really do feel to just wear jeans when I am studying! So today I bring you that one pair of jeans I would like to parade around college in and some nice smart wear that I should wear and would wear if I had them :) Also, I bought a I (heart) London grey hooded jumper this weekend! No I'm not a tourist as my boyfriend calls me lol - I would quite like to wear that and show it off though ^___^

I am favouring the boot leg cut these days for some reason, I guess I'm getting tired of just skinnies.

It is a bit too hot in the UK to be wearing this kind of shirt now (left), but it's still very pretty and feminine, just what I need :)

And last but not least... My new 'touristic' hoodie!

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Marie said...

lovely pics and I love the hoodie too!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Sofia said...

I love London too:P

Trish said...

Super cute jeans! I agree with you, it's nice to take a break from the skinnies! Hope you're enjoying the warm weather, hopefully in another month or so we will be more consistently in the warmer temps! :)

Jessica said...

i love the outfit ideas you put on here- cute hoodie! <3


Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

LOVE those jeans!

Ink and Belle said...

Thank you for your comments & compliments guys! :) xxx

LifestyleBohemia said...

Loving your choice of jeans & handbag - very hot!