11 April, 2010

One April Sunday Morning

I feel like having such a lazy day today, but of course that isn't going to happen the way I planned.
Firstly.. at around 8:04am this morning I decided that I was going to just lay in my bed and watch Aristocats on my laptop (^___^) and then I would eventually wonder downstairs and make some toast with nutella on it (drool).

Secondly, I wanted to spend a few hours here on Blogger preparing my next few posts, i.e. resarching and putting together ready for posting.

And thirdly, I was hoping that I could go through all the posts that I missed yesterday on everyone else's blogs and leave nice little comments!

Alas no. Dammit.
I am going shopping with Mother instead lol, which isn't so bad I guess - maybe I could squeeze out some Starbucks from her? Haha, maybe.

So a belated happy weekend Bloggers!
Better late than never :) xx

p.s. Hasn't UK weather been really nice these past few days? I am l o v i n g it!

{Topics coming up:}
• Portraits
• Water
• Flowers
• Lace

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