03 April, 2010

The Pink Issue

Pink isn't the most mascualine colour in the palette and I think most are afraid to use it in the home - how much is too much and how much is not enough? But pink is such a great colour! It's mood lifting, happy nd youthfull; very fun to play with.

Pink always, always, always oes with Black! The contrast is elegant and very appealing.

Like this picture, take the look ofurther by using clear and reflective materials to add lucidity to the room, giving an impression of light and airiness.

Pink also goes wonderfully with White, as demonstrated in the picture to the right.

It's such a stark contrast and very statement making, especially when that pink object is the only pink in the room.

However, a Pink sofa much bigger than this one would probably drown the room a bit.

So - colours that go with Pink:


Also, make good use of mirrors and lamps to even out boldness of the pink, especially if it's a hot pink.

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