21 April, 2010

Wednesday Shopping List

I have paid a little bit more attention to accessories this Wednesday as the clothes on their own are quite simple - Playsuits! :) I mainly looked to TopShop for these beacuse this is so typical TopShop style and probably the best quality you could get for your money (I can't vouch for US shops though, but there is a TopShop somewhere in the US I think?); and I have also thrown in 2 cute shopper bags from Monsoon's Accessorize.

What I like about playsuits is that they make you look and feel so carefree and summery and it leaves you with a blank canvas to be playful with your accessories, and if you can find the right pair of above-the-knee cropped leggings, you can add those to the outfit too.

TopShop Playsuits: £25.00 - £28.00

TopShop Sandals: £16.00 - £28.00
TopShop Jewellery (by FREEDOM): £12.00 - £30.00
TopShop Sunglasses: £15.00 - £18.00
TopShop Hats: £20.00

Accessorize Shopper Bags: £25.00

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ceo said...

Loving the stripes......


annabelle said...

i do love the hats from topshop but i find them very overpriced for the quality! still, their playsuits are undeniably the best of the high street. thanks for posting this inspiration, bookmarked it!

i've just started my own blog and could do with some helpful hints (don't really know what i'm doing yet!) check it out? would be much appreciated! elle x


LifestyleBohemia said...

I love your selections - especially the layered necklaces - very cute!

Raru said...

nice selection. number 6 and these bags are so cute.
thanks for sharing.

Becca. said...

I love those gladiator sandals, i might invest in a similar pair for this summer!