13 April, 2010

Tuesday Shopping List

This is what I am looking for this Spring! Something light and girly to match the gorgeous weather. The majority of the outfit may not have floral prints but you can definately see the inspiration here. I love the use of white and silver, they compliment each other perfectly alongside some shiny pink lipgloss, even just plain lipgloss. The Orchids are such beautiful flowers and are a well suited theme for a formal design <3



Krislyn said...

love this combination... especially the boots!

Marie said...

I love white and silver together, it's dainty, alluring and somehow elegantly ethereal.:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Ink and Belle said...

Marie, good words to use actually, I think the set has a certain fairy feel to it :D x

Jules said...

so pretty and feminine! love this color palette and style board :)

Jenny - pygmeestyle.blogg.se said...

Wow, that dress looks awesome.