03 May, 2010

For The Love Of Blog...

Instead of a Shopping List today I am going to accept and send on my first blog award!
I have never done this before and to be perfectly honest, I never expected to either, thank you so much All Things Marie for passing this lovely award to me! <3

State 5 random facts about yourself.
Award 5 other bloggers.

{5 Random Facts About Me...}

I am obsessed with stickers! Well, stationery in general but stickers particularly! I even had my parents, when they went back to the Philippines without me last summer, to buy me tonnes & tonnes of stickers from there because asian stickers are the best! I like Paperchases' Novelty Stickers range too :)
image source: From Japan With Love (found through Google. WIN)

Daniel Radcliffe
Yes. I love him. Enough said. <3

University Plans & The Future
I plan on studying Journalism if I get into University this September, with a combination of Photography or Public Relations - depending on whether I go to Roehampton or Greenwich. It was never actually a serious choice for me up until around this time last year because I couldn't see where this career choice could lead me... opportunity wise as well as income. But I had no other discernable talent or avid interest other than things that concern the English language and using it to the best that I can.

That is how Maisonette started! I decided that to make a good impression on my possible future Professors, I would need to show them something to prove that I am determined to learn and practice journalism. I thought that starting a blog would be a perfect thing because I need to think about an audience, an angle and do research; I also love creating things so presentation means just as much to me as the latter.
image source: Google image search

Interior Design
As with Journalism, I never really considered to take my love for interior design as serious option for my future, and for the same reasons. But since my acceptance for journalism, I also accepted interior design; after graduation I want to do an interior design course in Kingston Upon Thames (found through Living Etc). Why not do it in Uni? The courses at universities just do not have what I want from doing an interior design course. The course in Kingston approaches it from a different point of view and is what I am looking for, it will take just under a year full time to complete and it gives a proper qualification :)

I do love books! I have so many and I haven't even read them all, which is mainly due to the fact that I have to read so many other books for my English A Level - but still! I like, collect them? I have many First Editions First Prints of books and sometimes I have an old battered version of them that is just for reading (don't want to spoil the rare ones do we?). The above picture shows the type of book space that I would absolutely adore to have in my own home someday. I am currently reading Trading Up by Candace Bushnell.

Ok, enough [talking] I was simply meant to state 5 facts but I rambled on...

{Blog Awardees}
I can't keep it down to only 5 bloggers, that is just mean; and in no particular order...

I don't know if I can do this? But I would like to award this to All Things Marie - I know you have one already Marie but I want to give you it anyway ^__^ You always comment and you're so nice xoxo

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Have A Great Week Everyone! x


Annie said...

Omg, youo are sooooooo sweet ^^ I'm honored that you gave me the award :)
The Daniel Radcliffe thing caught me off guard hahaha but he is cute indeed :P

Amy @ Varnish said...

Wow! I am REALLY flattered- thanks so much!!!

Jessica said...

aw,i loved reading the facts about you! congrats on the award. <3


Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh..I am soooooo happy!
Sarah, you are the cutest! Thank you so much! It just made my day:)))
Ohhh...such a great surprise!
Kisses :)
Ps. I love stickers too..

annabelle said...

you're so sweet - thank you! my first one! and yesyesyes to daniel radcliffe!xo

Leah said...

I am excited to look at all these blogs! The picture of that living room is seriously amazing! I am in love! Those colors!

Marie said...

Thank you so much, Sarah!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Ms. Wedding Crasher said...

Thank you so much!!!!!!!

xoxo :)

Sofia said...

Thank you:D I going to do my part on this right now;)

Just don't understand the Daniel Radcliffe:P