13 May, 2010

Thursday Shopping List

I am sorry I did not do a post yesterday, I was too preoccupied with some personal things and I ended up being caught up on Facebook with... stuff and such... >__> Anyway, after college I decided to go into town for a bit and just have a little look around. I needed tights and I promised myself only those tights and possibly a drink. But when I went into Primark I found too many bargains that I simply couldn't pass up! I will be posting picture this weekend hopefully, if I can get the 10mgpx to work haha. Today on the other hand, I will be sharing something different.

I have been thinking about dressing, what would considered to be 'conservative'. Pun not intended. Honest.

Plenty of floral, feminine and romantic ruffles with soft, pastel colours. I think lace is also very effective for the conservative look because it's taditional and if worn properly, hightens femininity rather than... well you know.

{Conservative Links}


Trish said...

Hi sweetie, another fabulous post, I am insane about that pink embroidered belted dress in #4, do you know who makes it? Hope your week is going well!! :) xoxox

annabelle said...

oh, me too! i love this post lovely. i looked in my wardrobes the other day and saw plenty of conservative, blair-items and wondered "how did THEY get in there?!" i like, though. x

Diana Mieczan said...

I adore lace dresses and this one is very cute! Pastels and floral are so beautiful this season:)
Great post sweetie:)

Marie said...

Oh my, Sarah, this is my kind of dressing! Love love love the floral dress with the belt.:D

I hope you are having a lovely week.:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Erika F ~Tiptoe~ said...

i love the lace skirt anf horn necklace!


Ink and Belle said...

Trish/Annabelle: which dress do you mean? the one with the floral shoes and bag?

Thanks for all your comments! :D xxx