06 May, 2010

Thursday Shopping List

Today I bring to you fashion from the streets of Tokyo! I wish it was primary research but sadly I will have to make do with the secondary research from a very handy website I  came across a couple of days ago. I have always found Tokyo a great source for fashion inspiration - the Japanese youth are so experimental and forward thinking in their style, they don't seem afraid to express themselves.

I don't agree with the animal scarf... it doesn't look all that fake but I love the other scarf!

{Link To The Orient}


Diana Mieczan said...

I love Tokyo...I've been there one time. My best friend is Japanese...Ohhh It is stunning and the fashion is amazing!!!My fav outfit is the second one:) Love the jacket and the dress!
Kisses and great post!

Sofia said...

Stylish girls!:D

Jason Matthew said...

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Annie said...

I loveeee Tokyo, i wish i could live there, just for me to dress like crazy and no one cares :D
I really really love the Japanese youth, you said it right, they are so experimental and forward thinking when it comes to fashion.
Loved the post ^^