10 May, 2010

Monday Shopping List

It's May and there are still grey blankets of clouds hiding the beautiful blue sky behind... and I'm still slaving away with mock exams, lol. I got home at round 2:30pm and I just so easily slipped into one of those deep, deep naps - and it makes me wonder how the heck I managed to stay awake before?! Anyway, it seems I have hit the nail on the head with the 2010 fashion trends according to Gok Wan (he's so cute!), but to do another post on romance inspired clothes just won't do.

So my focus today is on city inspired clothes ^__^ Perhaps it's the current political crisis that has induced this? As of yet, there have been decisions on who is to consist of the coalition government. Gordon Brown has stepped down as Prime Minister.

{New York}

I have always viewed New York fashion to be hard edged and bold. I think animal prints like the bangles, high heels or the tomboy chic that reflects what feminism fought for is the image I can conjure of the Big Apple. A big city with big ideals and lots happening!


LOVE this jacket.

Paris is of course labelled as the city of romance - the style chic, sleek and unique. In the UK at the moment, it seems that Paris adorned tees are in and New York adorned tees are phasing out.

My boyfriend is French and cannot understand the fascination for french fashion but he does like to shop in Zara in the as of yet, fairly undiscovered mens section for the males of Britain haha.

The Union Jack does not seem to be around much now either, it phased out pretty quickly which is a bit of a shame because there were some really nice tops. However I did discover this gorgeous Union Jack Chanel purse through google though!

Bon Appetite!

{The Metro}


Diana Mieczan said...

OMG...That whole Paris section...I just simply need it! The bags, the tees, ohhh lets not forget about this amazing jacket...how cute is it!
Great post my lovely :)
Kisses and green tea really help in staying awake...Coffee makes you go up and down and green tea really balances it out! That's what I drank during my University time :)

Sofia said...

Oh my god, those shoes are SO fierce!:D

Just posted the facts about me because the award:) Thank you again:)

Marie said...

Great picks, Sarah!:D

Loving the 1st bag! I want!:D

Have a lovely week!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

mel said...

so obsessed with all the paris things! and the new york skirts:)
amazing dearie


The Red Umbrella said...

Great stuff! The Union Jack purse is delightful.

Jessica said...

that cream silk blazer is to die for! <3