11 May, 2010

Tuesday Shopping List

I am not happy today. Arguements, tears and to top it all off - I am now officially under a Conservative Government with David Cameron as Prime Minister. Does not bode well for my university plans at the moment. Fml.

So I'm pretty much just going to show you how I feel through the beautiful clothes on Polyvore (lol). I might not be happy with the parliamentary results but the United Kingdom - London, is still my home <3

The below outfit does not fit my mood but I adore it still, so I could not resist sharing it :)



Marie said...

Sorry to know that you've had a bad day. Feel better, okay?:D

This certain type of dressing doesn't appeal to me but I love the red and purple bag you chose.:D

Have a good night sleep, Sarah!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Ink and Belle said...

Thank you Marie :) <3

Diana Mieczan said...

Im sorry hun! I hope you will feel better soon!
The post is great and I adore the purple bag from the last photo....The british tees are so cute!
I am sending you a huge hug:)
Have a good night:)
Ice cream makes everything little better!

Ink and Belle said...

Diana - I was thinking about Ice Cream! Great minds think alike ;) Ice cream and Family Guy for me I think xxx

annabelle said...

massive massive hugs lovely! i hope doing those amazing polyvores cheered you up, i love the grunge look. unforunately, i can't pull it off, but i can live vicariously through your blog. feel better xxx

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

You are just so good at putting outfits together!! Love it!! I hope you are doing better today girl! HUGS!!! :)

Jessica said...

cheer up! things will work out in the end. my mother's side of the family is from northern and southern parts of ireland so news about recent wins for people in belfast have been all the talk in my house. eep. politics. <3


Hazel said...

Love your blog, and completely have fallen for the Chanel cuff in the London-look outfit! OMG! That is too cool! :) Hazel