02 May, 2010


Who doesn't desire a pair of nice shoes? Heels, flats, pumps, sandals, flip flops and wedges, even clogs (lol).
What's your favourite shoe?


annabelle said...

i do enjoy a good pair of heels that sky high as the blurred foot image, but i don't have the grace to walk in them!

p.s. added your blog to my link list of favourite reads, i always click on your updates! X

The Secret Beauty Blogger said...

Gorgeous pics! I pretty much love any shoe as long as it as a massive heel!

I've replied to your comment btw, have pasted below incase you didn't see it! xx

Sarah, must be so frustrating not finding anything - have you tried salon only products? They are a bit more money but I really find they work. I did used to use Herbal Essences before I started using professional products and did find they worked, it's just that they're mainly made up of water so don't have as much 'goodness' in as the more expensive brands that are very concentrated (and last ages too!)


Marie said...

Hi Sarah!:D I tagged and gave you a blogger award!:D Come check my blog!:D

My favorite shoes right now are wedges!

...and everything girly under the sun!

Diana Mieczan said...

I love beautiful shoes....Those are so amazing! So elegant and chic!
Have a great Monday:)

Raru said...

I love shoes.... 1,5,6,7 are simply gorgeous ;))) love them...all
thank you ;)))


naturalnchicmakeup said...

I love all the shoes but the last picture is strangely disturbing. Shock value yes..and probably memorable but not for the shoe!

Ink and Belle said...

@naturalnchicmakeup: yes I agree, but I did choose that picture for that reason... initially it was the wallpaper that caught my attention lol! :) x