18 December, 2009

Patterned Pallette

Lately I have had some waves of inspiration splash me, and rather harshly too - it was also cold water... Anyway, I basically think that I need to engage in a hobby more because I think not having something outside of my academic duties is actually turning me a loopy. Plus, I have finished my photography course now so I don't have an adequate creative outlet. Oh my life. 

Back to the point - I have been drawn to patterns since my little revelation and it has led me to conclude that I need to be doing some textiles experimenting, possibly creating some little hearts: hand made, sewn little hearts stuffed with cotton or something, maybe some cute little buttons for decoration? I would love to be able to improve my sewing and experiment with materials, I think that is where the fun is when making things: the experimentation :)

Furthermore, getting back into sewing and knitting wouldn't be so bad either would it? No it would not. I have also strongly considered crochet; I've seen my friend do it and she's made some really cute things and there's so much more potential! Yeah so... I really would like to do this, I'm withering away at the moment because coursework is driving me insane.

I've been feeling bright colours in bold amounts these past few months and sometimes tined down warmer colours when used in patterns (especially in scarves, they're so attractive!). At the moment, I am absolutely loving the use of bright colous for furniture; for clothes not so much, that hype has significantly died down for me, although I am not completely ruling it out, I think it still looks good when used properly.

Also on my mental agenda: interior design. I am so frustrated with my life when it comes to this because I have such a passion for designing in general, especially interior designing but I just don't have the funds (or my own accommodation) to be fully engaging with it. It's a pity because I think I could create some really nice spaces if given the chance *sigh*. Meanwhile I will drool over pictures that other people have taken and admire their creativeness. I will justify this by saying I am 'researching'. Bingo.

I think it would also be nice, some time in the future, for me to be able to make some money out my creations. Hopefully I will get to a good enough standard so that people will actually consider wanting to buy any of my handmade gifts.

I have been looking up, yes 'researching' some of the types of cute handmade things people like to buy and I have a general idea of what the public like. There is so much inspiration out there, it's just knowing what to do with it. Scrapbooking is a great way to bank your ideas visually so that you can easily re-access your initial ideas and elaborate. I highly recommend using this technique as a form of planning anything creative. Apart from that, it is really fun to make collages and such because it's personal and there are no rules to it.

When scrapbooking use plenty of patterns! Patterns, patterns, patterns! Use them as the inspiration pieces, use them as backgrounds, use them as little decorations. Whatever the plan is, use them! You might not like the pattern as a whole, but there may be an aspect of it you like e.g. the colours or the arrangement and once you've compiled a section and set the mood with the cut-outs, it can act as a catalyst for your ideas. I think it helps to use patterns with similarities when trying to use a prticualr theme, but it doesn't really matter if truth be told ( I don't think so anyway), it's your book at the end of the day and I personally love variety. Also, using block, bold colours can be tricky because there is so much colour and it can override the content as it is overpowering. Patterns are great when giving a blank space some depth.
I have been favouring the brocade or regency pattern for quite some time now. I like it because it is so elegant, dainty and graceful. It goes with many things and can be used in many ways and colours. Typical Indian fabric prints are also very pretty and can give the page an exotic feel... 'Eastern Promises'. The floral print is still in fashion, alongside the brocade and it is also elegant, feminine and useful in many ways. But it is easy to get it wrong, especially with a print that is heavily floral, too much of it is overpowering and bears down on the eyes. If used properly, depending on your judgement of the floral print, it will look really beautiful. Florals are also a great way to express a vintage style.

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