19 December, 2009

Great Gift Choices

Christmas 2009 is seeing some great gifts this year and I am a proud buyer of some of those! At first, finidng gifts for my loved ones was proving quite difficult and I was fast losing heart in it all; once you find a couple of really nicely suited things in some choice shops though, you perk up considerably.
I thought I would share with you the shops I have found most useful in buying gifts. The shops are mainly aimed at women/girls as most of it is either really cute and girly or things for the home but I guess you could find some nice stuff for guys too... if you look hard :)

The first shop I instantly thought of and went straight for is Monsoon's Accessorize. What I like about this shop is that it is rich in colour and style diversity. It has the normal accessories such as scarves, gloves, jewellery and bags etc; then there is also a gifting section which includes things like notebooks, handmade trinkits and delicate, vintage style homeware decorations.

There is also a kids section that has little flavoured lip glosses, stationery, and mini handbags and more.
• Quite pricey, but  mostly fairly priced.
The second shop I rushed too and highly recommend is Flutterbyes. This shop is basically the epitomy of handmade gifts galore! It has the very popular shabby chic theme, with plenty of white and delicate furniture as well as pretty products. It is a dainty shop with some very stylish items for the home. Their moto is very befitting of their style: 'Hand picked and gorgeous'.
The displays are attractive, a visit this shop is a must!
• Fairly priced.

Thirdly, there is Dengrove. As far as I know, they only have one shop  -  and that is in Bromley, Kent (south-east UK) but it's worth checking for one near you anyway, I could be wrong. Dengrove also sells very cute, female targeted gifts. It doesn't have the same theme running as Flutterbyes, it's more solid looking rather than dainty and fairylike, but the quality is no more or less and the products are equally flattering!
They sell pretty journals and address books, gift wrapping, plenty of inspiring gift ideas, card, sentimental trinkits, practical things such as customised thermos and gardening tools, toys and much more!
• Fairly priced.

Other great places to buy gifts:
• Paperchase
• Waterstones
• HMV/Game/Game Station
• W.H. Smiths
• Top Shop
• River Island
• Primark

Useful Links:
Dengrove Ltd

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