29 December, 2009

Pasaje Del Terror

Situated in the West End London, Picadilly's Trocadero.

It is easily accessible and there is always someone you can talk to about prices, offers and such.

Waiting times and prices are very fair, concessons available.

I regularly go to the West End and I always catch sight of the Pasaje Del Terror leaflets but never fully considered going to it. I did not actually know what it was and so when my boyfriend and I decoded to go on a whim, we were really surprised!

At first we thought that it could not be so scary if it allows children under 14 (accompanied by an adult of course) to attend. Furthermore, we had no idea how the 'terror' was to be shown.

It turns out that the start of the jounrey, as they call it, begins with a short 3D screening which was perfect for building tension and apprehension. By the end of it your left wondering what's in store next. I won't spoil that bit for you, you'll have to go see it for yourself!

After the 3D screening, you are guided in small groups through various attractions by a comical yet freaky robed man. The attractions have live actors that really do make the experience terrifying! The rooms have certain themes such as: Freddie Kruger, Jason, The Exorcist etc and the actors really play their parts well.

The journey is heart stoppingly, breath takingly scary and will most likely make you scream! (even the guys, yeah, I heard them - believe me) You feel like you are being chased and that the pursuer will catch you, of course you know that they won't actually touch but you just cannot help but be scared. The Pasaje Del Terror had me clinging to the jackets of the couple in front me and saw to it that I ran out the exit breathless. =)

Even though I am a bit of a whimp, I'll admit to that, I'm still a sucker for these attractions. It is well worth your time and money and I give it a 5 out of 5 rating. I highly recommend it!

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