10 November, 2009

Something Blue

It is nothing new,
But it is still so blue,
Round and consuming,
My daily tasks are so gruelling.

Mere hurdles in a race,
Are far more easier than this,
For this requires a slower pace,
And my lover's tender kiss.

Mundane monologues,
And tall tale talk,
Fill my brain with little catalogues,
Of who can talk but cannot walk.

I am not a robot,
No buttons or cogs or whirring,
I cannot be this pathetic show-bot,
My capacity is stirring.

Eyes turn green despite the blue,
Trying to retain composure,
Sticking to my guns like glue,
It would not do to have exposure.

Heads feel hot and bothered,
Temperaments run low,
These people make me feel so smothered!
What a f*king freak show.

This is what I deal with,
Like clockwork it goes through and through,
Social discrepency is no myth,
I know you see it too.

Frustration quickly engraves,
Deep within my thinning patience,
Unwillingness to co-operate enslaves,
Even in the best of us it's latent.

The fire only slips away when,
It is decided that it does not matter,
Privately that phantom pen,
Scratches out the latter.

It is nothing new,
But it is still so blue,
I deal with it everyday,
And still it will not go away.

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