28 January, 2011

Dear Sarah...

HELLO, Hello, hello! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have been and will probably continue to be absent on Blogger, much to my dismay believe me, for some months to come =(

Cut a long story short - I got into to university! (woo!) Finding a place to live was a total nightmare, no places in the halls were left. I eventually found a house for my boyfriend, 2 new friends and my myself to live in for the at least 12 months. Bad bad bad news is... no internet in the house. @*#! Not until March at least for now.

So anyway, I'm sitting at my laptop one evening totally bored, my Google Chrome icon pleading to be clicked, and I decide that I should re-vamp my blog. When I can of course. New name, new background, new posting ideas... more shiny new things that I have yet to discover!

The low-down:
New name: Dear Sarah...
New URL!: www.dearlydenoted.blogspot.com
New Background: already in use!
New Posts: Yet to come (Beauty/Make-up for example? =P)

This is me... resting my chin on the precipice of no internet insanity.

Pssstt... Anyone on Tumblr? I started one a while ago and it's proven to be a quick an easy photographic outlet for me. Follow me! Denoted.tumblr.com

Peace out everyone! Hope you're all okay :)


Diana Mieczan said...

Hi, sweetie!! So nice to see you post again:) Missed you a lot:) Have a fantastic day and Im loving this blog:)
Happy Monday and see you soon

Mrs. Wedding Crasher said...

Hi Sarah! I must admit. Tumblr mystifies me. What do you think of it compared to blogspot?

Dear Sarah said...

DIANA: Thanks so much! :)

Mrs. WEDDING CRASHER: I much prefer blogspot if I'm honest but then again, my tumblr has a differet purpose than my blog on blogspot. I love pictures & photography and I'd rather post a few quick piccies on tumblr when I can than not post anything at all on either blogs :P