18 August, 2010


A new wireless mouse!

Yes. It's mango coloured, it's small (and very cute might I add), 2000 DPI... if that means anything to you... and the usb is trés trés small and so not on the inconvenient side of things. Voila! We have a blogger ready to blog again! Oh yes.

I am excited.

Not only can I blog again successfully but soon I should have more to blog about. Tomorrow (19th) I will be getting my exam results and thus finding out where my future is headed for at least the next year. In other words, I will be finding out whether I have made it into my chosen university depending on my A Level grades.

After my nice morning jog, I was pondering my journalistic future: will I be able to make anything of myself? Will I even be able to pass the course?! These sort of thoughts really worry me. Not so long ago I was saying to myself I should get a job after college and be done with it, university seems like a lot of hassle! Now that I am in a position where there is a real possibility that I am going university... I can't bloody wait! I am still scared though.

But hey - if the course fails... I still have my blog ^__^

I hope everyone has been well? I will try and re-incorporate blogging into my routine again and that means getting back into the flow of reading everyone's material (oh how I've missed it!). I also need to start gathering things for my own reading material! Not to mention a post (or two?) on my trip to Italy...

I'll be back! <3

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Diana Mieczan said...

Good luck for tomorrow...I bet you got in...I will keep my fingers crossed:)

Kisses,sweetie and see you soon:)