10 March, 2011

Incredible Internet!

Yes, yes! I have internet! INTERNET! >____< Today would be the third day that I have had internet at my own place. If I wasn't so ill I think I would have blown a fuse from my excitement. As it happens, my face resembled zero of the amount of excitable emotion that I actually felt, much like someone who is angry and has just had botox, haha. But I was really happy <3

I am making plans (like the savvy student that I am) for the blog, with some check-lists, a picture here, a picture there, some coffee... doesn't sound too convincing at this stage but I am juggling my health and university at the same time; I always seem to be ill at the moment and it's slowing me down a lot.

I mentioned in my last post about doing beauty posts in the near future. I'm not sure how I am going to approach this exactly as I have never written about this topic before and I don't claim to know a great deal about it; and due to my eczema I haven't really been able to experiment with skin care products. Recently however, I decided that what I should probably do is research the ingredients of skin care products more. I feel that if I get to grips on what the ingredients are supposed to do for you I would be able to give better advice/judgement. Plus, I have always been more interested in the scientific side if you will, when it comes to skin care, rather than just being lured in by delicious advertisements with hot young models who have obviously been airbrushed!

Have a great week! :) xxx

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