20 October, 2009

Unlocking The Looks

Right right right, 2009 may nearly be over, but the fashion most certainly is not! I have compiled a list of the key clothing looks to look for Autumn & Winter 2009/2010 for you.

Military clothing.

Leather. (jacket from Zara)

One shouldered dresses & tops.


Chunky knitwear.

Capes, capelets & cloaks.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Over-the-knee & thigh-high boots.

See-through clothing.

Colours to use: 'Warm Olive', Cream, Grey or 'Iron', Red, Blue (preferably a navy shade), purple and a sort of dusty rose pink.
In other news, I made a good chicken dish today :)


Lilee said...

love the collage!

Jenny said...

I think you hit the trends right on!

flashingfashionx said...

You must like Cherly Cole as she has worn all of these trends

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Denoted said...

Lol, I do like Cheryl Cole she wears fantastic clothes and I am really loving the current trends, the last couple of seasons were a bit dry for me.