19 October, 2009

I Believe It's Called Boho

This is something I have been pondering for quite some time now... what exactly is bohemian? I was mainly thinking in terms of interior design initially but it came to my attention that the boho style is more of a culture than just a design, it includes a way of life: the dress, the house, the lifestyle. After researching tips and types of furniture typically found in a Shabby Chic abode, I also came across tips for dressing boho - which of course is not entirely new to the fashion industry... a return to florals and florr length gowns with strappy straps and a bit of cleavage has been back for a while now!

A shabby chic house will usually have wooden furniture that have...yes you've guessed it - a shabby look. Parts of the wood colour will be faded and some completely eroded. It seems to be a growing phenomenon for interior design and I am falling in love with it completely!

On the other hand, the furniture does not necessarily have to be so much eroded. They can have the same elegance in shape and feel but the colour remains in tact and more likely to be in ivory, cream and white.

In terms of clutter, I would say make it colourful! Having colourful, happy accessories will brighten up the otherwise monotone (but still cute and chic) furniture. I feel that Shabby chic interiors usually reflect a creative personality i.e. sewing, drawing, fashion etc. The bohemian  style is quite refined in detail with lots of curves and intricate floral patterns and dainty in proportions, so decorations should also be dainty. They do not necessarily have to be curvy and intricately woven or handmade, I happen to think that balancing out the curvatious nature of the furniture with some choice squared decór works quite nicely.

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Fashion Nicotine said...

Love the furniture! I have a similar of the third in silver in my room! Xx.